Regular attendance on the part of students is vital to the process of learning. If attendance becomes an issue, parents/guardians will be contacted, and the student will be counseled to assist with promoting regular attendance. There is a correlation between attendance and student success. 

See below for additional information on attendance expectations:

Regular Attendance

Expected Behaviour

  • All students are required to attend school regularly and to be present at all     classes when at school.
  • Students are responsible for any class work missed in their absence.

Reasons for Expected Behaviour

  • Regular attendance is required by the Education Act.
  • Good attendance is essential for continued academic success and for active participation in the school community.
  • Absenteeism adversely affects individual and class progress.
  • Parents/guardians/adult students must notify attendance of a student's absence by calling 905-404-9349 x113.  This number is available 24 hours/day through our voice mail system. Alternatively, students returning from an absence may present a note signed by a parent/guardian, containing the following information: 
    • Date of Absence
        • Student's Name
          • Specific Reason for Absence (ill, appointment, sports, bereavement)
            • The note must be presented before classes begin on the day the student returns to school.
              • Students 18 years of age or over may submit their own notes.

            Consequences for Misbehaviour

            • Parents will be notified by phone of student absence;
            • Student is assigned an office consequence;
            • Repeated skipped classes will result in progressive discipline measures which include detention, supervised withdrawal,   or suspension.
            • Students with attendance problems will be referred to administration, SST and/ or school board attendance counsellor;
            • Students 18 years of age and over may be asked to sign an Attendance Agreement; when a student has violated an             attendance agreement a Principal will review a student's right to be enrolled at Holy Trinity.



            Expected Behaviour

            If a student needs to leave school early:

            • Send a note with a valid reason, signed and dated.
            • Students must report to the Attendance Office where they will receive an "excused from class" slip.
            • Without a note, students must report to the Attendance Office where the Secretary must contact the parent by phone.  If no    parent can be reached, the Principal or Vice Principal may grant permission. 
            • Students returning to school on the same day must report to the Attendance Office where they will sign in and receive an     admit slip to return to class.
            • Sign-out permission may only be granted by a principal or designate. Note: Students with morning co-op may have their       note accepted by the secretary.
            • Students becoming ill must report to the office. The office will make parent/guardian contact.


            Reasons for Expected Behaviour

            • The school has the legal obligation to know where all students are when they are not in class.
            • Signing out is the school's method for meeting this obligation.


            Consequences for Misbehaviour

            • Students not providing a note when signing out must have a sign-out slip signed by a principal.  Parental contact will be       made. A note must be provided upon return.
            • If a note is not presented upon return, a detention/consequence will be given.
            • Students not signing out will be considered truant and consequences for truancy will apply.
            • A forged note is considered a serious offence and will result in a parent/guardian contact and progressive discipline measures will be taken.


            Late to School

            Expected Behaviour

            ·         Students are expected to be on time for each class.

            ·         If your child is late send a note stating the valid reason, signed and dated, to the Attendance Secretary. The student must            be dressed in full uniform and  report to the Attendance Office to sign in.

            Reasons for Expected Behaviour

            ·         Punctuality shows responsibility and consideration for others. Students late to class inconvenience the teacher,                             classmates and office staff.

            ·         Punctuality is a good habit which will be expected both on the job and in personal relationships.

            ·         Good attendance is essential for continued academic success and for active participation in the school community.

            Consequence for Misbehaviour

            ·         The student will receive a warning from the teacher on the first late; successive lates to class will be tracked and                             progressive discipline measures will be taken.  These include but are not limited to: detentions, referral to the                                 vice-principal, supervised withdrawals, suspension from school.

            Students must be in good standing in order to participate in any co-instructional activities.